Frequently Asked Questions

Why are there both dues and a fundraiser?

The annual dues cover our costs to ensure that our Pack is properly chartered, registered, and insured by the Connecticut Yankee Council. For our pack, it also includes your family's subscription to Boys' Life magazine, our September Pack campout, May picnic, supplies for Den and Pack meetings, and all awards earned by our scouts. Unlike many other packs, we do not charge families a monthly activity fee.

We do one annual fundraiser to help us defray the cost of other pack events, such as the Blue and Gold banquet and spring overnight. Again, while many other organizations have several fundraisers, we do our best to only have one per year so we can concentrate on the program for boys and their families.

What do I need for the Cub Scout Uniform?

All boys who join Cub Scouts will need to purchase the "Class A" uniform, which consists of the blue Cub Scout shirt, and the appropriate patches: World Crest, Council patch, red Pack numbers, and the den patch. The uniform comes with the American Flag already sewn on. You can see an illustrated guide to the uniform by clicking here.

Where can I get my Cub Scout Uniform?

If you want to shop locally, Rankin Sporting Goods in Danbury sells everything you need. If you want to look for other Scouting items, kits, decorations, gifts, etc., you may want to take a trip to the Milford Scout Shop. You can also purchase uniforms and other items at the official BSA uniform website,

How do I get a Pack 156 Hat?

Pack 156 Cub Scout Blue hats are embroidered front & side, and cost $20.

The Pack offers the hats so that families do not need to pay for a new hat every year--boys keep the hats for the entire time they are in Pack 156 and beyond! Simply click here to get a copy of the form to print a mail or turn in!

What is the Pack Committee?

The Pack Committee is the executive board of the Pack, and oversees all aspects of the program, finances, membership, and policies of the Pack.